It’s interesting how we’re wired as people… or maybe it’s just me.

It can be really easy to subconsciously build a life out of resentment because of all the things we “have to do”.

“I have to work out…

I have to clean my house…

I have to have this conversation….

I have to write a blog…

I have to hire a new person…

I have to lose weight…

I have to go to my job…

That sounds real empowering doesn’t it.

Wah, wah, wah…

Here’s a thought: if you REALLY don’t want to do something. Don’t do it!!

“But Julia, you don’t understand, I have to!”

2 things to consider:

1. NO. You don’t. You literally don’t have to do anything. If you don’t want to workout, then don’t. If you don’t want to go to work, then don’t. If you don’t want to have the conversation, then don’t.

2. OK. So you do really, actually “HAVE” to do it, even if you don’t want to do it. Life’s presented you with this “opportunity”/obstacle/circumstance… then you might as well learn to adopt a mindset that will serve you through it.

I know, I said it… And I’ll say it again:

If you gotta go through it, you might as well grab a mindset that will serve you. If you HAVE to do it, then do it with all your heart and mind.

Here’s the mindset…

Here’s the thought to #reTHINK:


“I get to have this conversation(and even though it’s hard and makes me uncomfortable, it’s going to make me and/or this relationship better)…

I get to workout(because it makes me stronger… fitter… gives me more energy… gets my blood moving… helps me lose weight, which is what I want)…

I get to work later today to hire a new person(cuz I HAVE a business and though it’s not perfect, I am the captain of my own ship and that’s a blessing)…

I get to clean my house(I have a house and I appreciate it)…”

Do you see where I’m going with this??

I am not unfamiliar, in any way, shape or form with the things, details, obstacles in life. I HAVE THEM TOO.

And truth be told, one of my greatest weaknesses in life is the fact that DETAILS KILL MY SOUL. Literally. I kid you not. And I’m not over-exaggerating… Just ask my husband. It literally feel like I’m gonna die… And because I seek purpose in anything and everything I do, sometimes the mundane, ordinary things that come with life, running a business, managing my health, running a family and a house, and a car and just all of it, I get a crappy attitude because “I have to”.

But lets be honest, a crappy attitude will never serve growth or progress.

We might do it, but with a crappy, pessimistic, “glass is half empty” mentality, nothing will be done WELL and in excellence. It will get done for the sake of getting done and being done with it as opposed to real, raw CHOICE and an “I GET TO DO THIS” attitude which will automatically create freedom, creativity, and a skip in your step because you don’t feel hostage or victim or helpless to the task/obstacle at hand and it frees you to bring ALL OF YOU to the table.

OR, this thought (I GET TO) is going to give you courage to actually speak your truth and NOT do it.

That’s right.

This thought may get you to quit the relationship (cuz it’s really not serving you)…

It might get you to quit your job (because life is too short and you’d rather be working on something you care about than dread)…

This might get you to downsize your home (cuz all the stuff is overwhelming and not really what you want)…

This thought might get you to switch up your workout (cuz you’re tired of running and it’s not “not working out” that you don’t want, you just crave a different kind so you start cycling or weight training or hire a trainer)…

It’s a CHOICE.


It’s not money or accomplishments or more stuff. Freedom doesn’t come from what we think it does.

Ask anyone who has a ton of any of those things but if they still don’t have choice, they still don’t feel free.

I promise you this, you will feel FREE when you CHOOSE.

So today, here’s your THOUGHT to #reTHINK:

Instead of saying “I have to”, try saying “I GET IT”.

More forward in pride of the life you’re living. No matter what’s been presented to you or what’s a result of a conscious choice. Practice doing things in a spirit of excellence. Do it in a way that will make you proud. Or for the love of yourself and those around you, just don’t do it.