Do you know why fear, doubt, resentment, shame, guilt, and anger (to name a few) don’t feel good?

BECAUSE when you feel these emotions and you begin to embody them, you are actually outside of alignment with your greatest self.

You were not put on this earth to feel, embody and make decisions from fear, doubt, resentment, shame, guilt and/or anger. You were put on this earth to feel faith, hope, love, and courage. These things feel good because you are literally in alignment with your greatest self when you feel them… you are in alignment.

The hard part in “droppin’ the bad habit” is the fact that most of us have felt fear, doubt, resentment, anger, shame, guilt for so stinkin’ long that we’ve grown accustom to these emotions. We don’t recognize the misalignment that is happening because it’s been happening since before we can remember. We long for the love, faith, hope, and joy but those don’t feel as familiar to us… and it’s not until we recognize that we were actually built for and wired for them that we begin to realize how misaligned we had been.

Once we gain some insight in this, THEN, we have to decide what we’re going to do with the misalignment factor. You begin to see life differently because now as you begin to put yourself back together again, pieces and things and stuff havve to fall off of you. Why? Well, what got you to where you are today won’t get you to where you want to be tomorrow. So to be fully ALIGNED with self, you have to drop the things that cause misalignment…. Ie: fear, shame, doubt, resentment, shame, guilt and anger. Those can’t go with you. They may be familiar, they may feel like they “protect” you but when you really, really embody the fact that they don’t feel good nor do they get you the results you want, it’s a bit easier to drop them like a bad habit.

And that’s exactly what they are my friend. A bad habit.

So here’s how I break it down for myself cuz I have to keep it simple, SIMPLE in order for me to act on something… pick your hard (#pickyourhard).

I can either feel fear OR faith.

I can feel doubt OR hope.

I can feel shame OR purpose.

I can feel resentment OR love.

I can either busy myself and my time OR I can lean into belief.

But I can’t feel and embody and act from both. I HAVE to pick. I ask myself:

So Julia, what do I want to feel most? What do I want to embody most?

How do I want to act most?

Both will have challenges. Both are in theory, hard. But 1 will give me the results I’m really looking for and only 1 will give me the feeling that I want most.

YOU, my friend, were born to be in alignment.

You were born to feel and embody and create results around you from a place of hope, love, creation, joy, peace, and purpose! So though you live in a crazy world that you can’t always depend on (I get it), you CAN depend on the fact that your alignment isn’t dependent upon outside impact.

Drop the habit. I promise you, life exists on the other side.