Hey y’all.

Ok. So today we are going to look at the thought: “I don’t have enough time”.

Been there.

Said that.

We are ALL guilty (if we’re honest).

But the problem with that thought is that it literally has the power to debilitate us and drain us and keep us from anything and everything we’ve ever wanted. Watch…

So the thought “I don’t have enough time” runs across your mind…

Immediately, what kind of emotions and feelings does it create?

Stress. Anxiety. Depression. Anger. Resentment. Fear.

Once those feelings set in, what kind of action do we take??

Well, either none. Cuz avoidance kicks in or we over compensate. We incorporate coping mechanisms like drugs, pills, booze or food to support our progress. We micro manage the process, we step on people, and we execute from a rather non healthy zone.

So the results are average. Not sustainable. Empty. Full of fear and anger and all we’re doing is becoming good at doing life with stress.

Here’s the truth: outside of ALL being humans, figuring out how to do life, THE ONLY THING WE HAVE IN COMMON whether you are my 90 year old grandma or my two year old so , Bill Gates or the homeless guy on the side of the road begging for money, the only thing is the fact that we ALL have 24 hours in our day.

So really, it has NOTHING to do with “not having time” but rather, how we spend it.

How are you spending your time?

Are you prioritizing what’s MOST important to you?

Are you actively creating space to do the things that you want to do?

Did you know if you drink 3 times a week and you stop for 2 weeks time, you can literally carve out an additional 24 hours, a WHOLE DAY to do something new??

If you watch tv 4 hours a day, one weeks time and you’ll have 24 extra hours!!!

If every morning you did that ONE THING for just ONE HOUR, first things first, over a months time you’d have built in 30 hours for yourself!!

So you see, it’s NEVER about not having the time, it’s about making the time… prioritizing the time… creating the time!!!

Your time is worth it.

What you want wants you.

Your day is giving you the blessing of time, an hour, 10 min, whatever it may be, GRAB IT!!

So so now that you know time is waiting for you, how does it make you feel?

Energized. Excited. Ready. Purposed. Alive. Full of joy and hope and freedom.