So I think ultimately, the greatest topic/idea/concept to consider is PURPOSE.

Now I know, I’m biased. It’s like saying “my kid is the cutest”… (mine really are, bu that’s besides the point)

But really, what else is there?! Sure, make money, fall in love, do cool things, travel to amazing places, all cool things, I agree, but even all of those things, without enlightenment and fulfillment and PURPOSE, for what?

Hence, why I have decided to spend my life’s purpose studying it, learning about it, and sharing the message and principles behind PURPOSE because the greatest impact I could have is to watch the world around me know who they are and why they’re here.

Soooooooo…… In all my experience, if there was ever a roadmap to purpose, this would be it:

It’s taking your limits and creating a vision from them. It’s taking your protests (the things you can’t stand) and creating a conviction (something to stand FOR). It’s taking your pain and giving it purpose. All of that together, creates an unstoppable, purposed spirit.

So often, we want one without the other. Or we feel the pain but don’t look for the purpose. We want the rainbows without the rain, the sun without the clouds, the laughter without the tears. But what makes all of those things so sweet is also the reverse.

Purpose is more of a state of mind than anything. It is first instead of being and then it is a manifestation of that being.

We are all creators. We have just learned how to be controllers, or passive aggressive, or to live protected, or to stay in survival mode. All of us have our reasons and experiences to stay in this place of fear, pain and survival, no questions asked. I have experienced levels of pain in my own life and have witnessed pain in other peoples lives I can’t even comprehend nor will I ever understand, but ultimately, it is what it is and the only way to serve that pain is to heal it, and then to give it radical purpose. I am talking RADICAL purpose.

Pain left unprocessed is just more pain. Pain processed is purpose.

Ultimately, it will only pain your spirit (and your life) if you don’t live in your purpose. It can cause such turmoil and conflict and disappointment that you just feel sick to your stomach and you don’t even know why.

Purpose is a gift that you give to yourself first!

Some may think that it’s selfish, sure, why not?! Whoever said it wasn’t supposed to feel good to do the things that you were born to do? But because of the survival mindset and all we know how to do is survive, of course it is going to feel odd to do the things that feel so good.

Bottom line, if I got a choice, I’d rather do the thing that makes my soul feel good than doing something that drains the very life from the one thing I get only once, my life!!

So here’s a couple questions to consider that could begin you on your journey:

If you looked at the pain, just for a second, and it could actually create progress for someone else, what would you do? If you took your past into consideration and instead of hating it or wishing it away but rather, it could drive passion and intention and conviction for a better life moving forward, what would you do with it? From your experiences or the things you hate, what have you honestly learned from it? Who could benefit from learning that lesson? Based upon where you are now, what would your present self tell your past self? And what would your future self tell your present self? If the pain was processed and you literally no longer felt it, how would you live? What would you do? What would you create? Who would you love?!

Ok. Now go do all of that. THAT is purpose.