SOOOOO…. I think it’s safe to say that we all like the IDEA of growth but very few of us will admit to liking the actual journey of growth. We like the IDEA of change but very few of us admit to liking the actual journey of change.

Here’s the problem with convincing ourselves that we “don’t like change” or growth or anything of the sort… IT’S VITAL TO THE HUMAN CONDITION. I mean consider where our world would be if we still did things like the early 1900’s. Or, 10 years into your marriage, isn’t it true that what you used to like or need has likely changed? Or prior to being a parent versus having kids, isn’t it true that what you did with your free time is very different now than it was back then?

Why? Because you changed.

And after all, CHANGE IS GOOD.

So if change IS good and it is absolutely vital to human growth and potential, how can you approach it differently so it doesn’t come with all the head trash, weight, and fear???

Glad you asked… it’s a little tool I like to call “Acclimation”. Check this out:

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