You are the solution to the problem you see.”

I know.

Already I can feel the backlash and evil eyes. But go with me on this…

Has it ever occurred to you that you are wired for so much more than you give yourself credit for?

Have you ever considered that the things that really get you riled up are the things that you’re destined to contribute to?

Have you ever found it ironic that the things that bring you the most amount of pain turn out to also be your greatest areas of purpose?

I mean really.

Consider that just for a minute.

The things that “eerk” you…

The things that get you “up in arms”…

The things that motivate you to action…

The things that drive you…

The things that frustrate you…

Could they ALL have something in common?!

Let me give you some insight… YES.

I know his firsthand because ironically the things that get me going are not the things that get my husband or my best friend or my mom going. And the thing that gets you all flustered or frustrated are not the thing(s) that get me flustered or frustrated. It’s unique to me and it’s unique to you.

So instead of it just “being the way I am” or instead of ignoring those things or fighting back or resisting them, why don’t we consider these things, these obstacles, these points of frustration to be in fact, our answer?!?!

Many people admit they don’t know their purpose… they don’t have greater meaning… they feel bored, underutilized or even “busy” but WHAT IF your greatest place of purpose, passion, motivation and actually living ALIVE comes from creating solutions to some of the biggest problems in your world…?!

“But Julia. I’m busy…

That’s a huge undertaking…

Who am I? I’m not experienced in that…

It makes me too angry…

I don’t know where to start…

I’ve tried…”

Ok. Fine. But what’s the alternative?! Continue to complain about these things with no end in sight? Cuz that sounds real fun.

Heck no!!!!!

I’ll tell you what you do:

You EITHER commit to quit complaining about these things and go about your business OR you rise above and you consciously decide that the best person to handle these problems is you because you bring the solution.

If anxiety is the thing you see, being your joy.

If avoidance is the thing you see, bring your activism.

If disconnection is the thing you see, bring your connection.

If people are hungry, bring them food.

If an industry is stale and boring, bring the creativity and fun.

And if the environment just won’t let you bring your gift or individualized gift. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!

Bottom line, stop looking at the problems as problems and more-so commit to finding the problems that you’re intuitively and instinctively built to solve and run towards it baby!