Meet Julia Gentry

Entrepreneur, Advocate for YOU, Messy Mom and Lover of my Husbands Soul, Growth Coach and Inspirational Speaker

HEY THERE! I am psyched that you came to my site. The most vulnerable thing I could have started doing years ago was to publish this site and to continue to publish my work and thoughts and dreams and I acknowledge YOU because you reciprocated that vulnerability by coming here, jumping in, and hopefully engaging with me, but moreso ENGAGING WITH YOUR OWN LIFE. 

For starters, and as a baseline, you should know that I have this crazy idea that life is about LIVING IT. And I don't mean unaware, throwing caution to the wind, but I mean actually living it!! But the problem for most in "living life" is life. Avoidance, busy, comparison, doubt, fear, laundry lists of to do's, keeping up with the Joneses, and all the should's, could's and would's keep us from living life on PURPOSE so over here at Julia Gentry, in everything that we do, we are making it our life's mission to see people Live UNINHIBITEDLY. TO be the PUSH that people need but don't always like... to be the SOUL HEALING, "have you ever though of it like this" kinda demystifier's... We're the GET IN YOUR FACE while also "get in the trenches" kinda team... We seek AND speak the truth... We're an advocate for humans and your very experience here on this planet (cuz it's short and it goes fast)... Our courage and belief will be contagious so we'll warn you... We take the charge on helping a whole slew of silence MID LIFE CRISIS'ERS speak up and do something different with their life... And we dig the fact that we've figured out a way to visualize change so that people aren't so damn afraid of it and become their own CHANGE AGENT because we know that real growth only happens in the CHANGE ZONE. 

And I also want you to know that we've BEEN THERE, DONE THAT, struggled with shame and guilt and fear and doubt, addictions, and people pleasing, facade style living... We've dealt with anger, depression, and huge seasons where we had no freaking clue what we were doing. We share ALL of this: every dream story, insight, tool, perspective simply as a way to support our fellow friends in getting their life back just as we got ours! 

This is my crew. This is my greatest WHY. My greatest reason. TOGETHER, we are the PURPOSED family. We will risk ANYTHING for the sake of progressive better, which means, whenever you catch us & whatever we might be doing, you can rest assured that we will be pushing our limits, proving the “impossible” possible and living somewhere between BRILLIANT and INSANE, because we believe: if it’s in you, it’s possible. 


All we ask is for you to engage with us & to try it on for size.

Your greatest place of purpose is built from your greatest place of pain

Julia Gentry 

Glad you're here. I've been waiting. 


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