(get) OVER it - 

6 Week Online Course

-Does life feel out of control?
-Do you need more purpose in your day to day?
-Do you crave better results but have no idea where to start??

-Do you feel a bit numb? Stressed? Anxious?
-Resigned in life? And could use a FOR REAL “jump start”?



October 28th we launch our 6 week ONLINE course called “(get) OVER It” to help you GET YOUR LIFE BACK!!!

If you missed our LIVE event in Austin, Texas, now is your chance to get the same dose of PURPOSE, only this time, brought to you, in the comfort of your own home, every week for 6 weeks!

***WE ONLY HAVE ROOM FOR 10 PEOPLE  so we mean it when we say



“(get) OVER It” is a 6 week ONLINE course designed to address those “mountains” in your life. You know those ones you’ve been looking at for quite some time now... the ones that you’ve been avoiding, overwhelmed by, curious about, fearful of, or just confused by…? Yes those!!
This course is designed specifically to get you up and OVER each and every mountain that is in front of you.



This course is designed for both, men AND women!

This is for anyone who is strung up on anxiety. 
This is for the person who questions their purpose in this world

(do you even have one?).
This is for anyone who is secretly depressed and depleted. 
This is for the person who wonders if they are enough. 
This is for everyone who has battled with depression, the busy syndrome, stuck in comparison, living beneath doubt and guilt and shame and is so OVER it!
This is for the person who started a new business and now feels pulled between home life and work life. 
This is for the couple who has been married for 10 years and feels like they are in a slump. 
This is for the person who is having a midlife crisis (even if you’re in your mid 30’s).
This is for the person who can’t tell their kids or spouse or friends or staff or own mom that they are stuck. 
This is for the one whose life is “fine” but it is not “great”. 
This is for those who are reactive but not proactive. 
This is for YOU if you deeply want to know your life‘s 
purpose so you can apply it in every area of your life!


We’re glad you asked…

1. Awareness. It is the KEY to progress and you will have more awareness than you’ll know what todo with.
2. Purpose. We were born with it but day to day, we don’t have enough of it. This course is specifically designed to help you understand your life’s purpose so you can actually do something about it.
3. Motivation. Hey, we’re all people, which means, we all lack motivation at times but a lack of motivation for too long can produce mind-numbing results. You will ABSOLUTELY find your greatest seed of motivation and will “feel the fire” once again.
4. Tools. Lets be honest, life happens real time so as much as we can plan, things don’t always happen they way we want them to or expect them to and we all need the TOOLS in life to live aligned, authentic, and powerfully. We will give you unique, personal, guaranteed tools to make life easier to live (doesn’t mean it will be perfect but much more rich and alive).


DEETS PLEASE! When, what, where, who, how?


Here’s how this works:

ONLINE Course will begin Monday, October 28th and
will continue EVERY Monday, through December 2nd.

Each training will begin at 6:30pm MST and last 2 hours. Total investment is $497 (payment options available).
mean it when we say SIGN UP TODAY!!






But don’t believe just us, hear what others have to say:

I was invited to "(get) OVER it” event by a mutual friend of ours.   This friend sent me Julia’s "(get) OVER it” video and after just a few moments of listening to Julia speaking, I knew this event could be beneficial for me.   While I have to admit, I didn’t know what to expect, I was open to the opportunity to work on myself.


As soon as I arrived, I knew Julia was right….this was exactly what I needed!   The location was relaxing and beautiful, the food was healthy and the company was incredible.   I ended up attending the event by myself, but I quickly felt at home being surrounded by such an amazing group of people.  Each person was unique in their own way and brought so much knowledge and insight into the weekend.  People were willing to be raw and vulnerable by sharing their life experiences with each other all for the purpose of improving themselves.  As an outcome from the event, I was able to finally see myself as powerful and beautiful just the way God made me.  But even better than that, Julia provided me with the tools needed to remind myself of this truth in the days following the event.  


I think an experience like this could be beneficial for anyone.   Everyone experiences events throughout life (both good and bad) and these experiences mold us into who we are as adults.  Sometimes we might think we are already good, but what if we aren’t being the best version of ourselves?   Julia’s “(get) OVER it” event provides everyone with the possibility of learning how to be a better version of themselves by living life with purpose.   Julia’s knowledge, beauty and compassion is contagious and I am so thankful that she is willing to share her gifts.  For me, her gifts have lead me to a peace and happiness that I didn’t know I needed or was even knew was possible.  Thank you Julia!


Heather Bala, (stay tuned for her title)

Taking the online course is something I would do again in a heartbeat. I wasn't new to the conversation of "purpose," discovering who we were created to be and what stops us from getting there, but I WAS new to Julia's way of doing it...and it honestly changed my life! Unearthing my protest, conviction and purpose through her course was by far one of the most empowering things I have ever done. The perspective shifts that Julia offered to me were invaluable, and her passion for pushing others into their area of greatness is evident in everything she does. Her energy is contagious and I left every session knowing that I had the tools to change the trajectory of my life; the self confidence I gained was simultaneously explosive and humbling. I undervalued myself so much prior to this work and I now truly believe that I serve an irreplaceable role on this earth, am made to walk boldly in my greatness and LIVE MY FIRE!  -xoxo

Thank you thank you thank you for the "(get) OVER it" weekend!  It's already a week that's gone by, time flies and life continues on but that was an experience and a great one for me.

I appreciated the push you gave me, and while it's not been easy to come back to home and continue on as though as things have changed, at least inside things have changed and that's a starting point. 

Great experiences and tactics for continuing on to find out how to #getoverit!  

My favorite new word is "conviction"!!!!!!


Sue Schwartz, athlete and coach

Julias online course allowed me time to dive into who I am and what’s most important to me. Julia’s questions and guidance illuminated what’s inside of me and pulled it to the surface. It has give me the confidence in which to make decisions. I now have a guide in which to build every area of my life!!!
Mackenzie Smith. Colorado.
“Journey with Unswerving Faith. Live the ECHO.”

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