(get) OVER it

WHAT IS "(get) OVER it"?

This is an event designed to address those “mountains” in your life. You know those ones you’ve been looking at for quite some time now... the ones that you’ve been avoiding, overwhelmed by, curious about, fearful of or just confused by, yes those... and guess what? This event is designed specifically to get you up and OVER each and every mountain that is in front of you.

After 2 years of travel and meeting so many AMAZING people all across the country and deeply missing so many of my friends from back home, hearing so many of the same desires and fears and doubts and hopes from all of them and admittedly never having a trip of their own, I just couldn't NOT. 



This is for anyone who is strung up on anxiety.

This is for anyone who is secretly depressed and depleted.

This is for the person who wonders if they are enough.

This is for everyone who has battled with anxiety, the busy syndrome, stuck in comparison, living beneath doubt and guilt and shame and is so OVER it!
This is for anyone who has never been on a trip just for themselves.

This is for my friend who started a new business and now feels pulled between home life and work life.

This is for the couple who has been married for 10 years and feels like they are in a slump.

This is for the person who is having a midlife crisis, but has convinced themselves that they are wrong because they are too young for such a thing.
This is for the person who can’t tell their kids or spouse or friends or staff or own mom that they are stuck.

This is for my friend whose life is fine but it is not great.

This is for those who are reactive but not proactive.

This is for my friend who deeply wants to know their life‘s purpose so they can apply it in every area of their life!

This is for YOU.



DEETS PLEASE! When, what, where, who, how? 

Here’s how this works:

MARK YOUR CALENDARS: January 16-19, 2020.
You will need to fly in Thursday afternoon. The event starts at 6pm. 

All day Friday and Saturday we’ve strategically set the line up of events to move you forward in ways you’ve only dreamed of.

We’ll end Sunday morning with a celebration brunch and send you on your way.


Our venue will be in Phoenix, Arizona. Exact location TBD.  

This whole event is $997.

****EARLY BIRD PRICING $799 if you reserve your spot by December 15th.***


Pricing does not include airfare, hotel, or dinner (breakfast and lunch included).

We request a $200 deposit to reserve your seat and we can accommodate 3 additional payment installments (if necessary). 


Space is limited, we’ve already got a block of rooms reserved so be sure to RSVP today.




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