Master your Mind Groups: 

Master Your Mind. Master Your Life. 

We have officially launched our first of many Master Your Mind Groups!

And we are PSYCHED that you are here to learn more and get plugged into a more PURPOSED life, community style.

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What is the greatest results I will get out of these meetings:

It depends on the type of group you join, but overall, in all our groups, you can count on: 

  1.    Alignment,

  2.    A monthly busy detox,

  3.    A greater sense of actualization and purpose,

  4.    Connection and conversation that will BLOW. YOUR. MIND. Guaranteed.

  5.    Progress. Forget perfection, timelines, comparison or failure. We will demystify all of those… this is about progress baby and you learning how to become the best version of you no matter what season you’re in. So whether you’re focused on creating a better life or building a more sustainable business/career, we will help you do that, 10000%!

  6.    And heck, that will all equate to more money, more energy, better quality of life, stronger connections with yourself and with others, and of course, a HELL YES approach to life.


If you join our Entrepreneurs Group, you can also count on learning ALL the tools you need to build an impactful, successful, sustainable business - hiring and firing, processes and systems, culture and vision, the whole schbang! 


If you join our Women's Group, you can count on addressing all areas of life - love and marriage, parenting, wearing all the hats, creating, giving, serving, building or creating your own thing, deepening relationships, staying and living healthy, etc.


Each group is reserved for 20 people who are committed to not only their families and/or their work (that’s a given) but to themselves and the impact they know they can bring and you’re willing to do what it takes.


It’s NEVER about being capable… it’s always about your WILLINGNESS to go for it.


Purpose is yours. There’s no question about that.

Purpose is within your reach.

Now, it’s up to you to GRAB it.


For those of you who want it bad enough, please contact us today and we will begin the application process or answer any questions you might have. (PLEASE NOTE: Our groups are local to Bend, OR as of now but if you are in a different city but have a desire to join a national group, please notate that when you submit a response.)

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