...after all, isn't that what most normal people do?! Well, rest assured that JG is NOT normal and has built her life somewhere between the lines of BRILLIANT and CRAZY. 

Whether it's traveling the country in an RV (with 3 kids under the age of 5) or building businesses or growth coaching, Julia has dedicated her life to CHAMPIONING the Cause of Purpose and she’s inviting people into an opportunity to change the conversation to one that REALLY matters.

As a speaker, growth coach and business owner, Julia Gentry is a champion and voice for the next generation of people who want to live unapologetically, authentically on purpose. She is a true advocate for people and believes that every single person has a true purpose for their lives, making it her life’s calling to help people get their life back so they can live with more success and fulfillment. With her truth speaking, matter of fact, crazy practical approach, she just has an uncanny, one of a kind way of moving people forward. She claims her failures are just as epic (if not more so) as her successes and without shame shares it all. 


Gentry’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2007 when the beginning of recession hit and it resulted in a dramatic pay cut for her and her husband. Together, they decided that life was happening for them, not too them and they jumped into real estate when everyone else was getting out.  That one decision positioned them to buy and sell millions of dollars worth of short-sale real estate. Since then, Gentry has been speaking, leading, facilitating and coaching hundreds of people in shifting their mindsets and ultimately their reality to create the life they once deemed “impossible”. As a purpose-driven business owner, speaker and growth coach, Gentry has been effective in helping people cut to the truth of the matter, re-prioritize and better understand how to #rethink, resulting in massive transformation, progress and actionable results. It’s through her own PURPOSED curriculum, facilitation style using real life stories of her epic failures and successes, and unashamed approach that she is able to guide people in their own transformation. 

3 simple questions have the POWER to change EVERYTHING and as a speaker and communicator, Julia is proactively asking them for the sake of Progressive Better…






Groups / Companies / Events book Julia as their speaker because they want 3 very simple results (that they struggle to achieve on their own) for their individuals as well as their communities as a whole:


  1. Awareness (which drives passion)

  2. Purpose (which drives responsibility and inspiration)

  3. Accountability (which drives lasting change and progressive better)


Julia Gentry offers up REAL TIME interactive facilitation (it is NOT scripted) to cut to the chase in helping people go from where they are to where they want to be.


She uses her own REAL LIFE stories, life lessons, current obstacles and “win’s” to break down the idea that purpose, success and growth is not just for the rich, famous, big companies, or “them”, but that it’s for everyone and anyone who subscribes.


And she takes what is a rather ambiguous, “woo woo” topic and makes it REAL TALK that is practical, tactical and palpable for people to DO something about it.


If you crave authentic passion, true purpose, and a strong cadence to achieve greatness, you will LOVE what Julia has to offer.


Julia blows my mind. How she has the energy to manage multiple people in one room and somehow bring out the best in everyone. It's beyond me. Luke P, Investor 



My life got so much better when I met Julia. Julia is stupid smart: like when she drops knowledge on you the magnitude of wisdom leaves you thunderstruck with a look of "aw" on your face. And you look a little discombobulated because your whole life changed with one well-crafted sentence. It's amazing. She's uncanny at learning your personal idiosyncrasies and helping those to flourish and create success. If you're ready for success she's the person to talk with. 

Joshua J, Healer

She is a natural-born Leader, emanating an aura of inspiration and intention to those she comes into contact with.  Paul L, Financial Services 



Too young to be so wise. HOW ARE YOU 33 Julia Gentry?? Rhiannon H, PR and Marketing




Living PURPOSED: Why Mediocrity is killing your passion, performance and purpose -

We all live, but are we really living?!?!? 70% of people admit to being unfulfilled and dissatisfied in their life and their work. This is enormous squandered potential. Our world doesn’t need more information - we live in the information age - it needs more purpose and meaning with action. But where does one go to get the tools? Where does one start? 

This topic is great for groups of all size and profession - entrepreneurs to in house company meetings, Mom's groups to small groups. This is for people who simply want more out of their day to day life. 

Key learning objectives: Learn mindset and strategy behind better decision making, enhance communication at home and workplace, gain insightful tools that actually create real transformation so attendees can live with more purpose.


Live CONVICTED: The keys to why you’re not crushing your goals (or your life) and a total overhaul to a more passionate, engaged life -

How much of life are we just simply tolerating vs being completely sold out and unapologetic? Statistically speaking, 80% of people are likely to set a goal and NOT keep it. That statistic is staggering and sad.


This topic is great for entrepreneurs, people working together in groups, as well as those who just simply want to take their lives and careers to the next level. It's for people who don't just want to set goals but want to set more aligned goals that they will actually keep.

Key Learning Objectives: Not only will you learn how to set aligned goals but you'll learn the reasons behind why you haven't made or kept them before and learn how to blow away any reason or excuse as to not crush your goals. 


Live AWARE: Master Your Mind, Master Your Life -

Do your thoughts run you or do you run them? Most people live very unconsciously to the thoughts they have but the very thoughts that we have create the reality in which we live, so it's no wonder the results are sub par. The only way to create the life you desire is to break through the patterns and habits of the mind and learn how to master the very mind within your own brain.


This topic is great for individuals and groups who want to master their life by mastering their thoughts.

The key learning objectives includes: a total overhaul of the mind, training on cognitive behavior so you can become a master of your own mind, and a chance to really free yourself from the things that don’t serve you. 


What Does Purpose Have to do with Business? -

Everything! Purpose isn’t what most people think… Which is why most people aren’t getting as much out of life and business as they could. Purpose is a game changer and it is the KEY to a successful business and life because "Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure." Lets face it, owning your own business is hard and it can be lonely. PLUS, it takes a certain type of mindset that has to be developed, refined and supported. It takes courage to build something that’s never been created, to do something that most people won’t, to put your future on the line for something that is not guaranteed. But like the rest of us, “you can’t not do it” and that’s exactly why our group is here, to help you rethink and develop a mindset that will really serve you!

This topic is best for business owners, entrepreneurs, visionaries, creatives and artists who want ongoing insight, stronger mental habits, and better tools to ensure they’re building the life and business of their dreams. And we don’t say that lightly… building a life and business of your dreams is not for the faint of heart, it’s for those of heart. 

Key Learning Objectives Include: Developing a growth mindset, how to #rethink so you can change anything (and we do mean anything), learn how to disrupt the status quo, routines, habits and pattern, blow through excuses, and be a better version of you in business. 

***Or, work with Julia to hand craft something that works specifically for your group!! 

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