...after all, isn't that what most normal people do?! Well, rest assured that JG is NOT normal and has built her life somewhere between the lines of BRILLIANT and CRAZY. 

Whether it's traveling the country in an RV (with 3 kids under the age of 5 AND a dog) or building businesses or growth coaching, Julia has dedicated her life to CHAMPIONING the Cause of Purpose and she’s inviting people into an opportunity to change the conversation to one that REALLY matters.

3 simple questions have the POWER to change EVERYTHING and as a speaker and communicator, Julia is proactively asking them for the sake of Progressive Better…






Groups / Companies / Events book Julia as their speaker because they want 3 very simple results (that they struggle to achieve on their own) for their individuals as well as their communities as a whole:


  1. Awareness (which drives passion)

  2. Purpose (which drives responsibility and inspiration)

  3. Accountability (which drives lasting change and progressive better)


Julia Gentry offers up REAL TIME interactive facilitation (it is NOT scripted) to cut to the chase in helping people go from where they are to where they want to be.


She uses her own REAL LIFE stories, life lessons, current obstacles and “win’s” to break down the idea that purpose, success and growth is not just for the rich, famous, big companies, or “them”, but that it’s for everyone and anyone who subscribes.


And she takes what is a rather ambiguous, “woo woo” topic and makes it REAL TALK that is practical, tactical and palpable for people to DO something about it.


If you crave authentic passion, true purpose, and a strong cadence to achieve greatness, you will LOVE what Julia has to offer.


Julia blows my mind. How she has the energy to manage multiple people in one room and somehow bring out the best in everyone. It's beyond me. Luke P, Investor 



My life got so much better when I met Julia. Julia is stupid smart: like when she drops knowledge on you the magnitude of wisdom leaves you thunderstruck with a look of "aw" on your face. And you look a little discombobulated because your whole life changed with one well-crafted sentence. It's amazing. She's uncanny at learning your personal idiosyncrasies and helping those to flourish and create success. If you're ready for success she's the person to talk with. 

Joshua J, Healer

She is a natural-born Leader, emanating an aura of inspiration and intention to those she comes into contact with.  Paul L, Financial Services 



Too young to be so wise. HOW ARE YOU 33 Julia Gentry?? Rhiannon H, PR and Marketing


Topics to Consider that will 100% MOVE YOU FORWARD


PURPOSED: Who are you, why are you here and what are you doing about it?


A straight up, not stirred, on the rocks, easy to understand, not for the faint of heart MOCKTAIL to living a purposed life for THIS generation. The most IMPORTANT question we could ever ask ourselves is the least asked: Who am I and why am I here?

We are scrambling for better tips, another tool, more efficient systems and processes, better routines and habits when those will only take us so far. "Wherever you go, there you are"... without a deeper understanding of your purpose, no tool, process or system will help you make and keep the changes you aspire to create. In this 1 session with Julia, finally gain the clarity you've always wanted but did know you needed to live a full, inspired, PURPOSED life. 


Satisfied to Inspired. Bored to Engaged: Why Mediocrity is killing your passion, performance and purpose (and your bottom line)

Comparison, mediocrity, a lack of inspiration, entitlement, disengagement and no internal purpose or passion is devastating the way that we approach life and our professional careers when the reality is, there is SO MUCH potential, life, and opportunity waiting for us. In this Session, Julia will give you the keys to Inspired Work, Passionate Relationships, Inner Balance, and Financial Advantage to take you (and your organization, team, family) to the next level of THRIVING. 


The KEYS to Change

MOST would admit that we like the IDEA of change but when it comes down to it, many people will actually avoid change itself. Why? Ultimately, because nobody likes how it makes them feel. We go into "survival mode", FIGHT or FLIGHT mode. We trigger. We “auto trip”, as I call it. We freak out, we regress, we go back to what we’ve always known because for whatever reasons: WE ALL PREFER A FAMILIAR HELL TO AN UNFAMILIAR HEAVEN. BUT, in order to live PURPOSED and to work towards the PROGRESSIVE BETTER, we HAVE to change. Despite how it makes us feel in the process. Have to. Have to. Have to. So we might as well lean in and become better on the other side. In this Session, learn the KEY TOOLS to changing for the better. (FYI: change is happening all the time so it is NECESSARY for your progress.)


****OR, work direct with Julia to craft a session to meet your EXACT needs. 

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