The Life Recall Podcast

Total Life Recall Podcast

Have you found yourself wondering there’s got to be something more? Have you ever asked yourself, “I need a change but where do I start? How do I pick up the pieces in my life? Life is good, but it’s not great, now what?” Yes. We’ve been there before, too.

Welcome to Total Life Recall, a podcast designed for people who want to turn their “good”, mundane, and yes, even shitty life in for one that is “GREAT!” – a life that is actualized and full of utilized purpose and potential. This is the show for people who aren’t satisfied with the life they have and want to get their life back!

On the Total Life Recall podcast, we discuss real, raw, hard to talk about, and not small-talk conversations that have the power to bridge the gap between what you currently have and what you really want most in your life and in your career. This podcast is not for the faint of heart but rather those of heart!

Join Julia and Travis Gentry, hosts of the show and a power couple who have decide to live their life outside the box – somewhere between brilliant and insane – as they bring you minor to major topics that will force you to #rethink, #reset, #refine, and #recall everything you’ve thought about this life!!

Julia and Travis started their own real estate business in 2008. After chasing their own American dream for long enough (the house, the cars, the stuff, the money) and realizing that this wasn’t it, they weren’t fulfilled and there had to be more to life, they took the necessary steps to find out how to get their life back!

Their real world experiences are priceless and mark their word, there journey hasn’t been perfect. From climbing the corporate ladder, starting our own business, making a ton of money, falling into debt up to our eyeballs, recreating ourselves, accumulating, selling everything and traveling the country in an RV while also raising a family of 4 young children… Their failures are just as epic as our adventures and they live to share both.

Now they’re working together to see every generation find their purpose, create a business, and make the “impossible” possible through their speaking, coaching, online content and workshops, and live events. Spontaneous, passionate, fun, and want to do things differently, they believe we are all here for a reason and are doing everything they can to live into their reason while equipping others to do the same.

They too are on a quest to constantly #rethink and now they are unapologetically asking you to do the same. Don’t get stuck in the same habits and patterns. Start thinking differently! Join them for a series of bold conversations geared towards a total mindset shift and a chance to rethink everything you’ve ever thought, Total Life Recall includes tangible tips and strategies for a better family life, insights into business and entrepreneurship, and all around mindset techniques with a focus on what matters most! In every episode, Julia and Travis are actively helping people turn their modern midlife crisis into a midlife awakening and supporting people in picking up the pieces of their life to rebuild something even better!

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