Master Mind Group for women who stand for something.

If you are Mom’ing it, Wife-ing it, and/or Work-ing it but you just have this nagging in the back of your head and heart that tells you “there’s more”… this is for YOU. 

You relate with feeling like you’re good, but you’re not great. 

Things are fine but they’re not amazing. 

You're here, showing up for life but you don’t feel like you’re really LIVING it. 

You know you have a purpose in life, but what is it? 


You wonder: 

Who am I without the title of wife and mom? 

I know I have a purpose “at home” but where else? What’s my place in this world? 

I have this idea or this “thing” I want to pursue but how do I do it all? 

My husband is successful, but what about me? Am I? 

I’m filling my day with alot, but… am I really getting anywhere? 


Every month, in our PURPOSED Master Your Mind Groups, you’ll now have the opportunity to come together with other hand selected women to discuss topics, ideas and concepts that have the power to change your life and the way that you live it. In this mastermind group specifically designed BY women, FOR women, you will uncover all the limits and things that stop you from living purposed and will be given the tools and the support you need to get you back into the driver’s seat of life so you can DRIVE. 

What is a Master Your Mind group?

A master mind group is a hand selected group of like minded individuals who come together on a regular basis to address the areas in life that are most important to them, while learning to become the best version of themselves and implementing key tools that support them in making big changes.


WE call ours a Master Your Mind because like a traditional mastermind group, we have all the core components to make you successful, yet we incorporate the MINDfulness techniques that are just as important, if not more important, than the tactical, practical tools. Afterall, knowledge and information is only power if it’s applied.

Get your mind right. Get your life right.

How much does it cost? And how much time do I need to dedicate to this?

The prices and time commitments vary depending upon the group style you join. 

Regardless of the group you join, there is NO where else you will find this level and depth of coaching for this price. And we are firm believers that if you WANT it bad enough, you will make the time and you will find the money. For most, it’s not that we don’t have enough of these resources, it’s just how we are currently choosing to spend time. So sure, you may need a pattern interrupt in how you spend your time and money to accommodate… simply ask yourself, what do I want most?

You may want a dinner out every week or that new outfit once a month, you may crave those 4x a week coffee stops but if you forgo it and rather invest in yourself, your mind, body and spirit, what could that return on your investment be?

So for us, it’s not that you don’t have the time… or don’t have the money. You do. It’s just about your greatest priorities and what you want most!!!


**If you do need childcare, let us know as can accommodate!!




Why a group format? What if I am a private person? 

A group format is important for many reasons:

1.   Isolation kills creativity and manifestation. We are designed as people to live and work in community. We do better together. Oftentimes in our creative process or when we’re in DO MODE (manifestation), we isolate ourselves for fear of rejection, failure, judgment, criticism, etc and all of those things are legit, but they’re survival mechanisms that will only make growth rather difficult and hard to do. We believe in and promote creative expression in a connected community.


2.   MOST of the time, we are just too close to “it” and we can’t “see the forest through the trees” because we’ve got “too much dog in the hunt”. Enough analogies. You get it right?! The things that we face in our lives oftentimes feel too big because we’re just too dang close to it and too dang biased about it, but when you get someone else who has a differing opinion, or has been there and done that, or has no idea or NO preconceived notions is able to give heart opened, mind opened input that could make all the difference in the world. We promote outside eyes and intuition. And we highly encourage a conversation that helps one another see what they can’t so they can progress more effectively and efficiently.


3.   A body that gets in motion, stays in motion. This group meets every month for 1 year because we recognize the power of momentum is a REAL thing and we believe that consistency will be good for your soul and your goals. We believe in "getting in line and staying in line" and when you know you've got 12 months to focus on "true north", put your attention on what REALLY matters, and have a consistent meeting where you can DO THE WORK, it makes all the difference in the world.


4. And last but not least, the acceptance of responsibility through accountability is a brilliant concept and oftentimes is exactly the key component we need to do the things in life that are most important when we have so much distracting us. Responsibility through accountability will fuel those areas that you seem to lack motivation or personal accountability. Ever break promises to yourself? Yea, we get it. This will help with that.

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